Top 5 Sports Cars of all Time

Sports cars are always fun and the best things in the world and we just cannot simply get over it. And as expensive as these are, there are a few best sports cars in the world that will take your breath away –
•    Chevrolet Corvette – America’s one of the most famous sports cars, Chevrolet Corvette has a featured front engine or rear-wheel-drive layout, two seats, a muscular V-8 engine and a fiberglass body. This one is the seventh generation of the two-seater devil; the first one debuted in the year 1953.
•    Dodge Viper – With a massive ten cylinder engine and a wildly swoopy body, Dodge viper is another one in the list. The model debuted in the year 1992 and now almost even after 24 years it still manages to turn your heads.
•    Porsche 911 – I love this car personally. And honestly just like many, it is the first car that comes to my mind when people talk about sports cars. Porsche’s inimitable speed machine is perhaps most remarkable for how incredibly consistent it has remained over the decades. Debuted in the year 1964, Porsche still has the ability to make us go wow with its unique configuration.
•    Lamborghini Countach – Every damn kid from the 80’s dreamt of having a Countach and yes I was one of them. The car was debuted in the year 1980 with a 370-horsepower V-12 but now it comes with an impressive 447 horsepower. Quite an impressive sports car.
•    Lamborghini Miura – The best thing about Miura is its exterior design and its amazing speed. It is often termed as one of the most exotic cars. Released in between the mid 1960s, V-12-powered Miura was the fastest road-going car in the world. Another favorite on the list.
These are some of the best sports cars in the world. start saving and get your favorite one!