The different varieties of the type of baseball gloves

Gloves are the type of garment or protecting tool while playing any game. Baseball gloves are a gift for us to play it safely. Gloves are the garments which prevent the physical damage while playing baseball. The baseball mitts are usually called large glove which is made of leather. In ancient, leather is cut from finger size and used as gloves. Because of the leather property, it has been using till today. Usually, baseball gloves are manufactured by leather material which is smooth, flexible, and durable. Doug Allison was the player who used gloves first time at 1870.

After some decades the use of gloves for protecting hands is increased, and today, we have lots of option to buy it. In baseball infielder, baseman, pitcher and outfielder gloves are required. It requires different types of gloves which are usually made of leather. The quality and durability of the gloves depend on the leather, use to make it.

Full grain leather:

The full grain leather is heavier and stiffer than other types of gloves. Full grain leather gloves are superior and more durable than other. These are expensive but helpful for an experienced player. The leather material is better flexible than the synthetic material. The baseball gloves are featured with webbing that must be breaking to make close the first finger and thumb. If the webbing is strong, then there could be a problem for catching a ball.

Buffalo skin:

The buffalo skin is lighter in weight and tougher than the full grain leather. But with this features, it can break in just as easily.

Leather or Cow Hide:

It has medium, weight, but sometimes heavier. It performs well and breaks faster. This grade will come pre-oiled to reduce break in time.

Kip leather

The best baseball gloves manufacturing company use this kind of leather due to its property. It is soft and luxurious cowhide used to make baseball gloves. It is usually expensive, lighter in weight as comparing top other. For getting better playing experience, kip leather baseball gloves are better than other.  

Premium steer hide:

It is strong than cowhide. The gloves are inexpensive as well as heavy with longer breaks in time.

Need of baseball gloves

Gloves are protecting tools which are used in baseball for increasing the performance and as a safeguard. Different types of gloves required they are namely infielder, outfielder, and baseman and catcher gloves.

Role of pockets in gloves

In glove’s pocket means the space area between the finger and thumb. The shallow pocket required for infielder which offers quick transferring the ball. Instead, outfielder requires deep pocket for better ball holding features.


Webbing is the part of gloves between first finger and thumb. It is better to catch the ball, but it should have lowest breaking in time.


Padding is applying to the palm to protect from multiple hits. It is the area where the surface should be thick and stiff.

These types of leather baseball gloves surely protect you from some hits and provide better playing experience. Many companies are available in the market which offers world-class baseball gloves. Go and find one of the best gloves as your choice.